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2018’s Best Sound, Best Quality For Your Home Theater This Holiday

‘Tis The Season To Upgrade Your Home Theater System!

The right audio equipment can really improve your holiday gathering or gift giving experience. Imagine your guests rocking around the Christmas tree to their favorite festive tunes. Once it’s time to open gifts, the audio enthusiast in your life will beam with joy as they unwrap a new set of high-quality speakers. Need a mind blowing home theater system?

Need ideas for how to get the best high-quality sound from your home audio system this Christmas? Check out some of our favorite floor-standing models!


Complement Your Home Theater With These Top Tower Speakers

These awesome floor standing speakers deliver the best sound for your home audio needs. Looking for something to match your décor? We’ve got it! Speaker shopping on a budget? We’ve got an answer for that, too! Read on to find the best fit for your situation.

Looking For An Affordable Floor Standing Speaker?

Has holiday shopping left you with a budget crunch? Well, we’ve got great news! You don’t have to sacrifice quality for a good price. Check out Definitive Technology’s BP9040 Bipolar Floorstanding Speaker w/8″ Powered Subwoofer. Sleek and charcoal in color, these speakers will blend in with any home theater system.

With the BP9040, you get the same sound stage-expanding bipolar array as in some of Definitive Technology’s more expensive models. This speaker is also Dolby Atmos/DTS:X compatible for true movie theater-quality sound, however it requires the A90 speaker accessory for upward-firing effects.

The integrated subwoofer saves you space and money, since you don’t have to buy a separate unit to get full bass performance. All-in-all, this speaker is the best bang for your buck for the audio enthusiast on a budget.

Unparalleled Performance

No other brand does audio equipment like Martin Logan. With the Motion 60XT Floorstanding Speaker, extreme is right there in the name! That is, after all, what the XT stands for in 60XT.

You’ll never have to worry about blowing a speaker with this one! The Motion 60XT can play lower tones at louder volumes without compromising accuracy. Its dual woofers and rear-firing bass ports give you deep bass booms with unrivaled precision. It even has a woofer dedicated to midrange tones for greater authenticity.

Furthermore, the Motion 60XT is voice-matched with the entire Motion series, so you can build upon its awesome performance.

Room-Filling Sound

If you love to entertain guests in your home, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the Paradigm Prestige 75F Reference Floorstanding Speaker.

This speaker’s two-and-a-half-way crossover technology provides great off-axis sound performance,. This gives you and your guests a great listening experience, even if you aren’t sitting right in front of the speaker’s “sweet spot.”

At low frequencies, all three of the Prestige 75’s woofers work together to provide great bass performance while the bass/midrange handles tones from voice and musical instruments.

In addition to its great audio performance, there are five cabinet finish choices to make this speaker a stylish addition to any room.

Best Multi-Dimensional Sound

For the ultimate home theater experience, look no further than the Definitive Technology BP9080x Bipolar Atmos Floorstanding Speaker w/ 12″ Powered Subwoofer. The room-filling sound that you experience with these speakers will make you feel like you’ve brought the cinema home!

The BP9080x uses a forward-focused bipolar array that greatly expands your home theater’s sound stage. That means that you get more sound on more places. Its built-in powered subwoofer, high-powered drivers, and Intelligent Bass Control let you feel every note or sound effect to your core.

As if that wasn’t enough, also built into the BP9080x is a two-way Dolby Atmos/DTS:X height module. This is where you get the truly multi-dimensional sound experience. This module provides the upward-firing effects to make you really feel surrounded by sound.

With a home theater that sounds this good, you may never leave home for movie night again!

Most Innovative Design

The designers at PSB really know how to think outside of the box. You have to experience the Imagine T3 Floor Standing Speaker to fully understand how revolutionary it is.

This brand’s engineers work to ensure that their designs perform well, while keeping in mind the effect that room size has on your listening experience. The T3’s transitional woofer array is able to adapt its output to provide the best sound quality based on the audio’s own frequencies.

What that means is that at low frequencies, like deep bass tones, all three woofers together produce the longest wavelengths of sound. However, at higher frequencies, the woofers are strategically toned down until only the woofer closest to the midrange performs.

That is just a small sample of the remarkable things that the T3 can do for your home theater system. Once you try this truly adaptive technology, you won’t want to hear your music or movies any other way.

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