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2018’s Top Home Audio Questions Answered

Whether you’re new to the world of surround sound or looking to update your home theater system, there are tons of options out there. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but don’t panic.

 When you start shopping around for the perfect home audio system, you’re bound to have questions.

That’s okay!

We’ve got the answers to some of 2018’s Top Home Audio Questions

For The Up-and-Coming Musician

1) What are some high quality speakers for home audio and music production?

Change The Set-up: You may want to consider setting up different types of systems in different areas of the home.

  • Consider, for example, that you are producing music for your band or a local artist. You are going to want a slightly different setup for the production process than you would want for general listening.

Production Quality: For the production side of things, you will need good studio monitors to produce more natural tones so you can hear the music as it really is. Good monitors will give you an accurate sound for the bass, treble, and mid-tones so that you can hear them clearly for mixing.

  • A typical home audio setup is more for general music listening. For this, you want good, consistent sound overall. That is, you don’t need individual speakers for each instrument like you often see in a studio.

Martin Logan speakers are a great option for music audio listening,

that won’t break the bank.

For The Party House

2) What’s the best solution for streaming music throughout my home?

The rise in popularity of smart devices can make purchasing a whole new set-up tempting. Getting the chance to hook-up an efficient voice activated speaker sounds too good to be true!

Just because you can tell Alexa what to play…doesn’t mean that she’ll be the best at it. 

What Do We Mean?

The first problem with these speakers is their size. These little guys don’t produce the highest quality sound your home theater deserve.

Your best sound quality is going to come from wired home theater systems, preferably one with:

  •  A dedicated subwoofer for the ultimate bass performance.
  • Or tower speakers with high quality tweeters, dynamic woofer performance, and an integrated sub for hard-hitting bass tones.

Looking for the best tower speakers?

Definitive Technology will give your home theater

that high quality sound you’ve been looking for!

Looking To Cut The Cord?

Bluetooth technology can let anyone connect their phone directly to the speaker itself. This will allow you to play music from your favorite streaming service through your home’s wireless speakers, while using your smartphone as a remote.

For That High-Tech Option: Consider setting up a multi-room wireless speaker system on your network. Rather than depending on your phone or computer for Bluetooth signal, this type of setup connects directly to the Internet.

  • Not only will you get a better connection to each speaker, but you won’t have to worry about calls or notifications interrupting your music.

For The Home Audio Lover On A Budget

3) What is the best home audio system to buy under $4,000?

It has never been easier to dive into the world of quality home audio systems. Whether you’re looking for the best sound system for TV show marathons or want to plan the most happening house party, surround sound systems have never been more affordable.

  • You could get the job done with something as simple as a Bose Sound Bar, but you’re not going to get the fullest range or highest quality sound by trying to create a sound system from a single unit.

It’s better to spend a little more to get better results, especially when you’re looking for the best surround sound system.

  • Many high-end brands like Definitive Technology, Martin Logan, and others have come out with awesome offerings with great sound quality, high performance, and affordable price points.

Need Home Theater System That Wont Break The Bank? 

Speakercraft Speakers can make any movie night

into an immersive adventure!

For the minimalist

4) Is it possible to buy an amplifier without the receiver?

In short, yes. But why…

You may see these words used interchangeably, but they really are not the same thing.

The Amplifier converts your source equipment’s low voltage signal into the type of higher gain signal that can power your speakers.

The Receiver is a type of amplifier that has an integrated radio function.

  • In other words, receivers are also amplifiers, but amplifiers are not necessarily receivers.

For the interior design guru

5) How do I determine the best location for my Subwoofer?

That is going to depend on a few things. It pretty much boils down to preference, but here are a few thoughts to keep in mind.

What type of system do you have?

Wired: You’ll need to put your sub somewhere where the wires will not be tripped over, stepped on, or otherwise get in the way.

Wireless: Your range is your only limit. Keep your sub close by to ensure proper connection with your sound system.

How big is your space?

Keeping your Subwoofer off of the wall:

The Importance Of Airflow: Subs with airflow ports need room to breath and get air all the way through. Placing any subwoofer too closely to a flat wall could make it sound harsh or cause a rumble.

Corners affect the acoustics of your listening space:

Turn Up The Volume: Setting up a sub in a corner could make it sound louder. Just make sure that the corner isn’t too far away from your listening area. Trailing cords across the room is not a great idea—for neither looks nor safety.

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