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2018’s Wireless Home Theater Set-up For The Best Sound

Like Bob Marley said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you you feel no pain.” For the music to really hit you, you need a great wireless surround system set-up.

Why wireless home theater?

1) It’s Clean

Did you know with disorganization comes with stress? With organized wiring your mind will be at ease!

With this peace of mind, you’re free to enjoy your music your way. Without the stress of worrying about accidentally pulling the plug, you can throw a dance party or just sit back and let the music play with a wireless home theater system.

2) Simplicity and compatibility

With today’s advancements in wireless technology, nearly every device can be connected. You can easily connect wireless speakers for TV, movie nights, or even playing music straight from your smartphone.

3) What equipment do I need for a wireless home theater?

You will either need to pick out a few components to build your home theater system or purchase an all-in-one package. At minimum, you’ll need speakers, a transmitter/receiver, and the TV itself.

  •  If you’re on a tight budget or aren’t worried about matching equipment, you may want to pick up components as you can when you find a good deal.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, individually offered components will often be higher quality. Just be mindful to choose pieces that are compatible with one another.

There are many advantages when going with an all-in-one system. Not only will all of your components look uniform, but you can be sure that all the pieces will work together and are of the same quality. All-in-one packages are also good for beginners, who can easily get overwhelmed when comparing specifications and compatibility requirements for individual components. 

4) The Set-Up

You will need to take into account where you plan to install your system before you put too much into it. Several variables will influence your choices.

For Example:

  • Your personal budget
  • Space limitations,
  • Acceptable noise levels
  • Home’s natural acoustics

For smaller spaces, you may want to go with just a soundbar and television. More spacious rooms may be better suited for 5- or 7-piece packages with multiple speakers or larger speaker boxes.

  • Try drafting a plan on paper or staging speaker placement with empty boxes in sizes comparable to the equipment that you’re considering.

 5) Need ideas? Here are some pieces that we like.

MartinLogan has been an industry leader in electrostatic loudspeakers for decades. For a great soundbar, try the MartinLogan Motion Vision X.

  • Equipped with DTS Play-Fi, the Motion Vision X line allows you to stream music via your home Wi-Fi network and has a range of compatible speakers. With three tweeters, four woofers, and seven amplifiers built in, this 5-channel surround sound soundbar can serve as an all-in-one system on its own.

 Looking for the best sounding Bluetooth speaker? If you’ve already got an awesome set of Bose speakers, try connecting them to the Sound Touch SA-5 Amplifier. It’s got Bluetooth built-in, so you can use this amplifier as a means to connect any Bluetooth-enabled device to your wireless system.

  • You can even set your phone up as a home theater system remote.

 For a premium all-in-one package with great bass performance, consider the Lifestyle 600 Home Entertainment System. With this Bose home theater set-up, you can use Alexa to control your experience with the sound of your voice.

  • The wireless Acoustimass module’s QuietPort technology and advanced DSP provided clean bass tones that are virtually distortion-free.

 If you want a sleek design, the MilleniaSub is sure to impress. This Paradigm speaker features a unique, vibration-canceling back-to-back dual-woofer in a stylish aluminum cabinet. It’ll automatically turn your wireless home theater system into an impressive set-up. 

  • Don’t let its small size fool you, this little subwoofer packs a mighty punch. The MilleniaSub’s rigid casing and slim design allow for endless placement options. It even comes in your choice of black or white finish, so you can decide if you want your sub to stand out or blend into the background.

The Best Surround Sound System ISN’T Wireless

While it is convenient to have a wireless home theater system ( an entire speaker system set-up without wires) there are some trade-offs…

 Wired speakers offer much better sound quality. Greater sound quality requires more data to be sent from the audio player to the speaker, and you just can’t send as much over the air as you can through a wire.

 Wireless speakers have a self-contained digital-to-analog converter, which gives you less control over your sound. Wired speakers give you the option to select your own amp and DAC.

  • This allows you to decide which elements of your sound to play up (like deeper bass tones or clearer vocals).

User friendly: While wireless speakers are not terribly difficult to set up, they do introduce some mild annoyances that don’t faze wired systems.

  • If your speaker battery dies or Bluetooth connection gets interrupted, so does your music. Not to mention those embarrassing moments when you get a phone call and your ringtone comes over the speakers.
  • No one wants to have to pick between a missed call or essentially answering the phone over a P.A. System.

Whether you want to add a few pieces to beef up an existing home entertainment system or build a home theater from the ground up, the audio equipment experts at Nationwide Stereo and Appliances can make your dreams come true.

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Written By: Amber Smith

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