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Bookshelf Vs Floor Standing Speaker: Home Audio

Before we proceed, let’s ask ourselves: What’s the difference between a Floor Standing speaker vs. a Bookshelf Speaker?

Floor Standing Speaker:  These bad-boys been a staple for some of the most powerful home audio systems for decades. Other known as the “tower speakers”, these guys can really surround the room with excellent sound in a breeze! They are perfect for larger living spaces and boy…do they deliver sound!

Bookshelf Speaker: Meant to rest on a shelf, table or anyplace that’s not the floor. With these speakers the floor is lava! Just kidding, you CAN place them on the floor, it’s just frown upon. Designed to maximize sound for medium / small living spaces, these speakers can make a punch!

When shopping for the perfect home audio system, there’s no need to get overwhelmed. Before you feel like you’re drowning in all of the little details, take a step back and take a DEEP breath cause it’s easier than you think! Floor standing speakers vs. Bookshelf! Who will prevail?

Let’s dive deeper!

Bookshelf Speakers: Providing great sound in nearly any space

Small in size, a bookshelf speaker can work with any size room. You can place them on (Obviously) a bookshelf. Even-tho they are called “bookshelf” speakers, you can place them anywhere more than just on a bookshelf.

This versatile speaker type can be installed with:

  1. a wall mount system
  2. Atop any table / Desk
  3. Perched comfortably on a dedicated speaker stand
  • Have a fear of a permanent audio set-up? Have no fear! Bookshelf Speakers are compact as well as lightweight, which makes it easy to rearrange! Casual music listeners or those new to home audio systems can easily create a decent introductory or low key surround sound system with these lightweight masterpieces.
  • Looking For The BEST Audio Experience? you’ll want to use bookshelf speakers in small to medium sized rooms. They are a great choice if you love the idea of a home theater system but are concerned about not having enough space.

Pro Tip:

It’s always a good idea to try to opt for the highest performing option within your price range. Don’t settle for less than the best.

Upgrades are nice, but it’s better in the long run to just get higher quality option to start with.

What does a high-performance Bookshelf Speaker look like?

The Demand Series from Definitive Technology provides a full range of sound that can fill the whole room in a compact speaker cabinet.

The D11 is the best player in the Demand lineup, with large 6.5” Balanced Double Surround Sound (BDSS) drivers for great midrange and woofer performance along with 1” aluminum dome tweeters for higher end frequencies.

  • Unique to the D11 is also an integrated bass radiator for superb low end bass tones. If you’re looking for something more affordable, there’s also the D7 model.
  • You get the same 1” aluminum dome tweeters as the D11, but the BDSS drivers are smaller at 4.5” and the bass ports don’t carry quite the same oomph.

Klipsch speakers have long been a powerhouse brand in the world of cinema sound systems. For the best surround sound setup, you’ll want the whole home theater package complete with THX Ultra2 certified loudspeakers.

  • This type of setup requires left and right channels at the front and rear of your entertainment area, as well as a center channel. The rockstar of the home audio world is this beast of a bookshelf speaker, the Klipsch KL-650-THX.

Looking for the best budget bookshelf speakers?

  • There’s no need to sacrifice quality for price. Martin Logan has a great reputation for their ultra high-end electrostatic loudspeakers. The Motion 4i (along with the rest of the Motion Series) gives you the quality high-frequency performance of the Martin Logan Folded Motion tweeters and strong bass in a compact size at an affordable price point.

Floor Standing Speakers: Powerhouse performance in one neat package

Is your idea of the best audio setup more about the most immersive surround sound experience?

The you’re going to love a floor standing speaker setup. Also known as tower speakers, these tall cabinets take up a lot more space than bookshelf speakers.

Their large size is for a good reason, though, because the bigger cabinets can house multiple drivers for better sound quality. They can also get louder than most bookshelf speakers, making this the way to go if house parties are on your entertainment itinerary.

Since these speakers stand on their own, there is no need for special entertainment system furniture or speaker stands. In fact, these types of speakers are often designed with your décor in mind or even to blend seamlessly into the background.

  • Take the Martin Logan ElectroMotion electrostatic loudspeaker, for example. This high-end speaker is equally functional for stage acts or premium home entertainment system usage. It’s ultra-thin design provides pure sound without the bulky cabinet of other tower speaker models.
  • If you’re wondering how a speaker cabinet could be designed to fit into your current home décor, take a look at the PSB Imagine T3 Floor Standing Speaker. The cabinet comes in modern finishes like the sleek Gloss Black or the decadent Gloss Cherry, two finishes that you may have on your existing furniture.

Big Sound Doesn’t Mean Bulky Equipment

Definitive Technology’s BP10 bipolar tower speakers only take up one square foot of floor space apiece. This highly affordable floor standing speaker option uses bipolar technology to fill the room with sound.

Many floor standing speaker models have limited range when it comes to low-end frequencies, which leaves them requiring a dedicated subwoofer for bass tones.

Definitive Technology answers that dilemma!

With their BP9080x bipolar tower speaker. This true full-range speaker contains aluminum dome tweeters, high-performance drivers, and its own integrated subwoofer.

  • This speaker is awesome for home theater systems, because it also has an integrated upward firing Dolby Atmos/DTS:X module for cinema-like sound performance.

The Bottom Line

Deciding between bookshelf and floor standing speakers will ultimately come down to weighing your options against your situation.

Take Into Consideration:

  • Your budget
  • Type of room where the system will be installed
  • The purpose of your home audio system

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