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Choosing The Best Home Audio

Any music or movie lover understands the necessity of choosing the best home audio.

Think about the best house party that you’ve ever been to or that movie night when you felt like you were right in the middle of the action, or that concert you experienced even tho you never left the couch.

This guide is here to help you select the best home audio system to recreate those awesome experiences.

Whether you’re considering an all-in-one system or individual components, your set-up should include:

  • Left and right front speakers (one on each side of the TV)
  • A center-channel speaker (located either above or below the TV)
  • Left and right rear speakers (two or four speakers behind or beside the seating area)
  • Subwoofer (some set-ups use two)
  • A home theater receiver (wireless components may have one built in)

If your receiver utilizes Dolby Atmos technology, you may want to add in-ceiling or upward-directed speakers for overhead effects.

Consider the size of your space and the type of entertaining that you want to do. For example, the perfect house party set-up may not jive so well as a home cinema. For homes with high foot traffic, consider a wireless surround sound system.

For The Movie Fan

If the primary purpose of your surround sound speaker system is to replicate the box office experience, you’ll want the best speakers for home theater. For this type of set-up, you’ll want to be able to fully immerse yourself in sound.

The most popular place to start the home theater journey is to pick up a set of bookshelf speakers or floor-standing tower speakers. You will ultimately need two sets of these, for left and right front and rear channels.

  • What is a bookshelf speaker? It’s a compact loudspeaker that can easily be a part of a stereo pair or home theater package that is compact in size and intended to be placed on raised surfaces; like a bookshelf or table.

If your receiver is Dolby Atmos compatible, you can take it one step further with either upward-facing or ceiling speakers for surround sound. This will provide overhead sound effects that really put you in the middle of a thriller or action flick. 

Don’t let a small space put a damper on your home cinema dreams.

For The Music Audio Enthusiast

Maybe you’re less into a home theater system and more into house parties . Even if you’re just sitting back and enjoying some great tunes on your own time, you’ll want the best speakers for music at home. For these set-ups, you still need to go with a high end speaker brand.

We like Paradigm’s Prestige 95F, named one of the best tower speakers of 2018 by The Master Switch. These speakers provide great sound, even when your guests venture outside of the target listening area, or “sweet spot.”

An in ceiling speaker system is great for listening to music, too. Since the speakers are installed overhead, you won’t have to worry about guests tripping over cords as they dance. You can even play background music from room to room for ambient sound.

For The Minimalist

Do you want the great sound experience of a home theater system but without having to place a bunch of surround sound speakers? The best soundbar will provide the immersive sound performance of 5- and 7-speaker systems contained within a single unit.

Bose speakers made TechRadar’s list for the best soundbar 2018 has to offer with the SoundTouch 300. This HDMI compatible device can also connect to other components via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or NFC pairing.

  • It’s slim size and sleek style give the SoundTouch 300 a look that is as pleasing to the eye as its superb sound performance is to the ear. Its $700 price tag also puts the SoundTouch 300 very high in the running for best budget soundbar.


  • Adding more oomph to this sound set-up is as simple as connecting the Bose Acoustimass 300 to your SoundTouch 300 soundbar. The Acoustimass 300 delivers deep bass tones with virtually no distortion, to bring new life to your music or movie experience.


  • These pieces fit together as a couple of the best wireless speakers whether you’re on a budget, living in a small space, or just want great sound quality with minimal equipment.

Looking for a great party speakers?

Check out the Motion series from MartinLogan for

“audiophile performance without an audiophile price.”

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