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Engulfed In The World Of Home Audio Surround Sound

Everyone have experienced the best surround sound experience, whether it’s from that concert you been to, or epic night at the movies?

You’ve at some-point indulged in immersive surround sound!   

You know the feeling. You may temporarily lose track of what’s going on around you. Perhaps a friend is standing beside you talking, but you don’t hear a word. You’re too captivated by unreal surround sound experience.

Now, imagine recreating the experience in your own home. With the right equipment, you can escape into another world, transported there by your home audio system via surround sound.

If you just want to listen to music, you’ve got options, but they’re not all created equal. Consider this scenario, for example.

  • You turn your TV to your favorite music channel. You like the song that’s playing, but the television’s internal speakers alone just don’t do it justice.

But what if it happened this way:

Flip through your desired music channel. Parallel to your tv are floor standing speakers that delivers nothing but quality sound. From the back of the room, the rear channel speakers project your music back to you. 

The room is filled with high qualitysurround sound. When you close your eyes, you could feel as if you were at a live concert!

This situation can easily become reality, thanks to the magic of modern home theater systems. Read on the learn more as you decide on the best surround sound speaker system for you.

Finding The Best Surround Sound For Music

Multi-purpose speakers are great for enjoying audio music at home. We like the PSB Imagine T3 Floor Standing Speaker.

  • The Imagine T3 is designed with the knowledge that room size greatly influences the sound of any speaker. Providing a detailed sound field by regulating the right proportion of sound power, steady frequency response, and consistent off-axis response.


  • Three 7-inch woofers pump out the longest sound waves at the lowest frequencies for amazing bass tones. Arranged in a transitional array, the same woofers can adjust to produce great sound quality at higher frequencies, as well.


  • Another advantage of multiple woofers that they transfer energy more efficiently than a single large woofer can on its own. This prevents the single note bass boom that is all too common with singular high-powered, full-range speakers.


  • BONUS: This speaker is very aesthetically pleasing. With the color options of Gloss Black and Gloss Cherry, the cabinets easily match with almost any existing design scheme.

Interested in an Outdoor Surround Sound Set-up?

Outdoor Speakers That Withstand The Elements

Audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike will be amazed at the pure sound quality of the Martin Logan ElectroMotion Series.


  • Voice and timbre matching across the Martin Logan line makes the EM-ESL compatible with the brands other products. Equally functional as part of a two-channel or multi-channel set-up, the EM-ESL speaker is truly a versatile piece of audio equipment.


  • Never underestimate the difference that a good center channel speaker can make in your home theater system. The Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL-C Center Channel Speaker effortlessly produces superb high frequency, mid-range, and deep bass tones. The ESL-C’s secret weapon is Martin Logan’s exclusive Folded Motion Tweeter, capable of minimizing distortion while providing extremely fast high-frequency response.

 Bringing The Theater Experience Home

For a more cinematic experience, the best home theater systems consist of a few more pieces of audio equipment. With this type of set-up, movie night will never be the same.

For a fuller multi-purpose sound system, Definitive Technology offers some great complementary pieces.

  • The BP 9060 2-Way Bipolar Floorstanding Speaker is Dolby Atmos / DTS:X compatible, allowing for a multi-dimensional sound experience while taking up minimal space. At just over three-and-a-half feet tall and a little over a foot wide, the BP 9060’s design is sleek and unobtrusive.


  • With a built-in, powered subwoofer each tower provides enough sound to fill the room without the bulk of other multi-unit systems. It adds power to your surround sound experience. 


  • Pair a set of A90 Dolby Atmos Add-On Speaker Modules with your BP9060 towers to add height channels to your home audio system. Up-ward firing sound effects are essential for complying with Dolby Atmos / DTS:X standards to add that little extra oomph for the most immersive sound experience.


  • To complete your sound stage layout, you may consider D11 Hi-Performance Bookshelf Speakers as rear channel speakers. Using bookshelf speakers instead of floor standing speakers are excellent if limited by space. 


  • The D11 are premium full-range speakers that can fill the room with sound and look good while they do it. The Balanced Double Surround System provides smooth mid-range tones as well as punchy bass notes.

Cinema fanatics can appreciate the authentic sound of quality sound from the brands that theater operators trust.

  • The Klipsch KW-120-THX 12” Passive THX Subwoofer was designed bring the powerful bass of the classic theater experience into the realm of home use. This powerful, cinema-inspired subwoofer is intended for use with the external KA-1000-THX kilowatt amplifier.

Looking for the perfect amp for your Klipsch subwoofer?

Check out the Klipsch RSA-500 Subwoofer Amplifier!

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Deciding on the best home audio equipment is no small undertaking. With so many option on the market nowadays, you have no reason to settle for less than the best.

For over 35 years, Nationwide Stereo has worked to uphold our reputation for the best selection, service, and prices in luxury consumer electronic goods.

Check out our inventory at Nationwide Stereo for the best brands in home audio, like Paradigm speakers and Niles Audio. We’ve got what you need—whether you’re looking for the best home theater systems for music, movie nights or gaming.

 Written by: Amber Smith

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