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Best Floor Standing Speakers Of 2018

Are you looking to build the perfect home audio system? You don’t have to visit every audio equipment store in town to find the best floor standing speakers. We’ve put together a list of our favorites to complement any home theater or audio equipment set-up.

 How to Choose Floor Standing Speakers

Suppose someone asked you to list the top ten best speakers in the world. What would you say? Your list wouldn’t be the same as the one the person next to you made. That’s because each person is looking for something different.

There are many reasons why home audio enthusiasts choose the speakers that they do. For some, the deciding factor is price. Others are looking for high end speaker brands with unparalleled performance. Whatever your reasons, this guide will help you to pick the best audio equipment for your needs.


For the stylish audiophile

Luxury sound can be easy on the eyes, too.

Speakers should sound great, but they don’t have to stick out like sore thumbs. From luxurious cabinet designs to minimalist chic, there’s something for everyone in this line.

PSB Speakers’ Imagine line offers floor standing speakers that look like a work of art. Their elegant cabinets house top-notch technology for speakers that sound as good as they look.

T Tower Speaker 

This tower speaker stands out as a leader in value and performance. Two large woofers per tower push out powerful sound accompanied by highs from the titanium-domed tweeter.

X2T Tower Speaker 

The simpler cabinet design of the X2T (compared to the T2) speaker allows for major price savings. But you won’t have to worry about sacrificing quality to save money. Like the rest of the Imagine series, the X2T provides outstanding sonic performance. This three-way speaker also features an all-new driver, exclusive to the X2T.

T3 Tower Speaker 

Achieve life-like sound quality with the best-in-class Imagine T3. Its three 7-inch are arranged to minimize floor bounce and other unwanted effects. Advanced drivers reduce distortion, as well. The only buzz you’ll hear is everyone talking about your awesome home audio system.

 For Bold Sound with a Minimalist Presence

Sometimes less is more.

Big sound doesn’t have to come in a giant package. These sleek designs will give you the home audio experience that you crave without devoting a lot of space to your set-up.

Definitive Technology has a reputation for producing some of the best audio equipment on the market.

The BP9000 Series features high-performance bipolar floor standing speakers. It includes models with integrated or optional Dolby Atmos/DTS:X modules.

Take the BP9080x, for example. Its bipolar speaker array distributes sound throughout the listening area. The integrated Dolby Atmos/DTS:X height module provides the upward-firing sound effects for a real-feel cinema experience. Also built in is a powered 12” subwoofer to push out awesome sound waves.

Definitive Technology BP9080x

For BP9000 speakers without the integrated Dolby Atmos/DTS:X modules, there is the A90 Height Speaker Module . It is designed with your BP9000 floor standing speakers in mind. They connect easily to your speaker towers and provide the upward-firing sound effects needed to comply with cinematic Dolby Atmos and DTS:X standards.

Definitive Technology A90 Height Speaker Module

For the best in bipolar technology on a budget, check out the BP10B model.

The BP10B is a more basic-looking tower speaker, but the bipolar technology is what makes the biggest difference. The front and rear-facing speakers widen your sound stage for a more immersive listening experience. In each tower, two high-definition drivers and two annealed aluminum dome tweeters provide huge, room-filling sound.

Definitive Technology BP10B


 For Audio Equipment as a Centerpiece

Who says speakers should be heard and not seen?

There are plenty of options out there to blend your home audio equipment seamlessly into your home. Then there are those options that incorporate your audio equipment as a major feature in the room. If you love to share your knowledge with other home theater or audio equipment aficionados, you’ll love the next item on our list.

Industry leader Martin Logan has built a name for itself on innovation. Rather than slip into your home theater unnoticed, their speakers take center stage.

The Motion 40 Floor Standing Speaker is available in three different colors that can match or stand out from existing furniture pieces. Its oversized woofers pump out massive sound while its rear-facing bass port fires out the low tones. With audio performance this rich, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

The Motion 40

You deserve the best audio equipment, whether your stage is in front of a million fans or your living room full of friends. The ElectroMotion ESL Electrostatic Floor Standing Speaker performs just as well at home or as part of a stage act. Its ultra thin design doesn’t take up much space, so your line of sight is free from clutter. Home audio beginners and major audiophiles can appreciate what this speaker brings to the table. Its adaptable to to both 2-channel and multi-channel set-ups.

ElectroMotion ESL Electrostatic Floor Standing Speaker


 For Award-Winning Performance

Nothing says quality like industry honors

When Dr. Sydney Harmon founded the brand over 20 years ago, he dreamed of using science to provide the best audio experience and speaker design. His dream has been realized as his brand has become one of the best in the industry. It’s one thing to call your product the best, but this luxury brand has the prizes on record to prove it.

The Revel Performa3™ Series has received rave reviews and over 20 awards since it came onto the scene.

The flagship Performa3 model, the F208 3-Way Floor Standing Loudspeaker  produces a full range of sound with superior dynamics and imaging. Its drivers’ ribbed aluminum cones eliminate resonance for reduced vibration. Multiple beautiful cabinet options make these speakers pleasing to see, as well as hear.

F208 3-Way Floor Standing Loudspeaker

The Concerta2 F36 was named Best Floor Standing Speaker in 2017’s Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity® “Best of” Awards. It’s predecessor, the Concerta1, was also an award-winning model. The Concerta2 builds on that success, plus years of research. While it is still an entry level speaker, the Concerta2 F36 provides full-range performance at a great price.

The Concerta2 F36

There are seemingly endless options in the wide world of audio equipment.

Don’t waste your days wandering through every home audio store.

Nationwide Stereo has the best selection of home theater systems, floor standing speakers, and so much more.


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