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Outdoor Speakers That Withstand The Elements

So, you’re looking for the best outdoor speakers to survive the elements. That upgrade could be what you and your family is looking for when it comes to quality and durability!

Music is an essential part of our lives. It sets the mood, fuels conversations, and provide entertainment for everyone.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue, or dancing in the living room in your socks, you’ve got music to match the occasion. What better way than to install some outdoor speakers to create that outdoor cinema! 

Home Audio Evolved

The days of standard audio equipment with bad quality speakers are over, but choosing a home audio system to fit your indoor and outdoor needs can be difficult.

Pool parties and backyard bonfires require more than a decent home theater. Outdoor equipment is fundamental for an exceptional party affair.

Audio Advice

Looking for some good audio advice for your outdoor home audio set-up?

Getting a good quality sound in any outdoor space can seem difficult because there are no walls or ceilings to resonate and contain the sound.

But have no fear, it’s easier than you think!

The outside world also has plenty of noise of its own

With a single output source for your music you run the risk of getting drowned out by traffic, noisy neighbors, or barking dogs.

  • Most outdoor speakers require a power source, so an amplifier is needed. Usually, an amplifier can support two speakers at a time. You’ll also need a receiver, or music source, but you can use a product you already own in home.


  • There are so many options out there for speakers: Design, quality, and bass settings are important things to consider when searching for equipment. You need to find durable systems that can withstand all weather conditions. Some discoloration from the sun and other elements should be expected over time.


  • Keep in mind that water-resistant is not the same as water-proof: Be careful not to place your speakers in direct contact with sprinklers or drop them in the pool. If you live in an area that reaches freezing temperatures, make sure to cover your equipment for the winter.

Outdoor Home Theater Audio Equipment Set-Up

If you prefer a natural look to your backyard, then there are plenty of speakers designed to mimic nature and blend in with the scenery.

Outdoor Speakers That’ll Turn Heads:

1) Martin Logan ML-75R 7.5″ Speakers:

Available in a discrete rock design to blend into any outdoor space. These dependable speakers are designed for all weather conditions, so you can rock out rain or shine.

  • Would rather have a simplistic style? No worries! The Martin Logan ML-75R Speakers also come in a standard design that’ll make wall-mounting a breeze. Made out of durable materials and specialized parts, these guys deliver big sound and liquid highs.

Looking good is one thing, but sounding good is another. If you prefer a better sounding bass, then the Definitive Technology speakers may be more your style.

2) Definitive Technology AW5500 5.25″ Speakers:

Offering a mid/bass radiator on the opposite side of the component enclosure to fill your outdoor area with sound. The AW6500 6.5″ speakers hold a larger woofer size for bigger bass to rattle your rib cage.

  • With easy mountable features and 360 degree placement flexibility, this equipment can go anywhere in your outside space to deliver the sound you want to hear.

When dealing with large spaces, long-throw speakers are preferable so your music can travel.

3) Klipsch CP-6 Outdoor Loudspeaker:

Providing long reaching sound with excellent quality, from a compact speaker system that is easy to place.

  • Simple to install, even in closest of corners, and have front access speaker terminals. The space saving design does not diminish the sound, and allows inconspicuous placement.
  • Consumers love this brand as products enough to get it into the top 5 best rated audio equipment on Google!

Klipsch also offers a subwoofer amplifier to power your outdoor audio equipment. It is designed for use with in-wall subwoofers, but includes custom settings for outdoor subwoofers as well.

This product contains standard input and output connections, so it is compatible with any system. With an easy install, and rear panel control housing, it is a safe and easy addition to your system of choice.

The support staff at Nationwide Stereo offer experienced audio advise with a combination of over 75 years of consumer electronics experience.

You can find products to fit all of your home theater needs at, including waterproof speakers for quality outdoor entertainment. The products they offer cater to any home audio needs, including all-weather equipment that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

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