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Why You Need To Set-Up Your Home Theater Today

Why waste another weekend bored, just sitting around your house?

Changing your entire entertainment experience is as simple as setting up your home theater!

The best home theater systems can bring the cinema experience right into your living room. Introduce some home audio equipment to upgrade your basic seating area to a happening party spot.

There are a million reasons why you should set up your home theater today!

 Why You Should Install A Home theater System

Ever tried having movie night with the family but everyone’s nose is on their phones? With an awesome home audio system, your family will be more likely to hang out together around the flat screen TV than stare down at their screen. 

 Create an immersive atmosphere for gaming. With high quality surround sound, you’ll hear the enemy behind you a mile away!

  • Epic gaming advantage that’ll keep you ahead of the game. 

Movie night will ALWAYS be a cinematic experience when you’ve got a high quality audio home theater set-up!

Having a party? Turn your living area into an epic party-spot. Keeping your guests entertained won’t be a problem. Your living room can go from a basic seating area to a happening party spot in just a short amount of time.

  • Great music is what makes a house party a night everyone will remember. With the right home audio equipment, you’ll have everyone wondering how to get an invitation for the next time you throw down.

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 How To Choose The Right Home Theater System

Home theater systems don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Choosing the right one, though, will depend on where your priorities are for using it.

 Don’t have a lot of space?

If you want the full five-speaker-channel experience but don’t think you have the space, a soundbar is the answer! With just one piece of equipment, you get a good range of sound.

Want to learn more about soundbars? Check out a Definitive Technology Sound Bar, like the Mythos SSA-50 5-Channel Passive Soundbar The gloss black aluminum case will match most flat screen TVs, so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb, either.

  • If you prefer the more traditional set-up, you can have it without the bulky cabinets.

Floor-standing speakers usually have several speakers inside that can perform like a whole system with one unit. Some are more bulky than others, but modern cabinets are usually pretty slim.

Bipolar speakers fire sound from multiple directions, filling the room with your favorite tunes or feature film effects.

In wall speakers actually get placed inside the walls, so there are no cabinets at all! That sounds super convenient, but what if you’re renting your home?

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 Looking for the best movie night set-up?

Think about what makes a night at the movies great:

  • The lighting is dimmed enough to experience the quality of the movie. 


  • You’ve got your popcorn, drink, and delicious snacks (Preferably Snickers and Twizzlers).


  • Ever get so in depth with the movie you’re watching, you feel the suspense as the scene gets quiet? Then that sudden boom of action sound through those amazing cinema’s speakers?? Almost make you jump out of your seat!

Ever wished you had that SAME movie theater quality in your very own home? 

Believe it or not, you can have an awesome movie night without going anywhere.




  • These are great for home cinemas or film appreciation clubs where you have the whole setup with a movie projector and rows of plush seating. Add in a Klipsch Subwoofer or Klipsch soundbar to round out your setup with matching components.

Now all that’s left is to grab your favorite drinks and snacks! Get a nice set of bowls and make your popcorn in the kitchen. You’ll enjoy movie night so much more from your favorite chair or that coveted comfy spot on the couch.

The best sound system for music is just a click away!

Check out our Definitive Tech Speakers: 

 Want the best sound system for music?

Have you already designated a spot in your home as the party room? Make it official when you set up your audio music equipment.

If you want to make a statement, get a full-room set up with matching equipment. Martin Logan’s Motion Series looks good, gives you tons of placement options, and sounds great.

The Motion 8i 2-Way Center Channel Speaker sits neatly on your entertainment center, right under your TV. You can also mount it on the wall—horizontally or vertically—and designate it as a center, left, or right channel.

The 4i Gloss Black Bookshelf Speaker can be a front or rear channel set to the left or right. You’re not limited to using it on a bookshelf, either. You can mount it on the wall, sit it on a table, or use a pair to flank your TV.

  • To go the extra mile, add in a Martin Logan Subwoofer to push some extra bass booms for EDM or heavy rock tracks.


  • Imagine being able to move from room to room and take your music with you. Now think about doing that without having to carry a device. Smart speakers are becoming ever more popular, but you can do better.

Install Martin Logan in wall speakers to have your music coming at you from all angles. These speakers don’t need stands or a space on the shelf. They go right into the wall or ceiling for a flush, sleek look.

  • Don’t want to cut a ton of holes in your wall? Paradigm gives you the multi-speaker functionality of a tower unit and the compact placement of in-wall speakers with the Ci Elite E7-LCR In-Wall LCR Speaker.


Nationwide Stereo has been providing the best selection of audio equipment for professional music, home theater systems, and everything between since the 70s.

Need help finding the best home audio for your set up?

Let our talented service experts help you find your best fit today!





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